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    The All About Hacienda Heights is a website dedicated to providing a convenient place to find information, resources, and contacts relating to the community of Hacienda Heights, California.

    If you are new to our community, welcome-
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    We rely on many Los Angeles County resources. Learn what those are, how they are assisting us, and how to connect with those resources.

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    See what we as a community have done, are doing, and will do...
    Annual 4th of July Parade
    Sports Leauges
    Social Groups
    Service Groups
    Faith Groups
    ...Influencing change in our community
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    Find out a little about the people, places, and events that made our community what it is today.

    Also learn where to find more information.

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    It's been called The three C's, Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate. It is key to getting anything done that involves more than one person. This page pulls together the many ways that we communicate about our community.
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    Connection Publication

    The Hacienda Heights Connection Publication-
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HHIA- Odd Decisions

The HHIA website was a mess- someone changed the template- real bad.

HHIA was to redesign their website. After months only a "possible" menu was documented and she (Yebara) did not have time to email it to me.

When I had a lull in my workload and approached HHIA to fix their site, they dragged their feet for months.

After I fixed their website for ONLY "Lifetime Membership" ($75.00) value, they hit up The County to pay for it- petty!

The email was going to an error.

HHIA Domain, Website, and email were in three different environments.

The HHIA website was owned by a person who is no longer living.

The email was first going to an ex-members server, then going to an ex-board Members employer- a company that member had retired from.

HHIA Membership Brochure showed that HHIA was founded in 1947 and Incorporated in 1965.

Membership Brochure read that HHIA Website was at "https://hhia.wordpress.com"

Falsely state that HHIA was founded in 1947

During Regular Meeting, they stopped giving Committee Reports.

They do not enforce the requirement of monthly summaries (Reports) from the committees.

They are not mindful to upload the committee reports/meeting minutes/agenda to their website.

When there is an opening on the Board of Directors, they don't approach/inform the whole membership.

They don't at all communicate with membership through email. They have the email address of just under 50% of their membership.

Membership dues went up a blanket 100%.

Newsletter publication has dwindled: 12/Y, 6/Y, 5/Y, 3/Y, 2/Y

During Annual Meetings, the membership does NOT hear from committee members.

Stopped doing Annual Audits.

Has not updated the HHIA Accomplishments in years page.

After YEARS of having the creation of a "Duties Procedures Book", it is still a skeleton with osteoporosis.


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