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    The All About Hacienda Heights is a website dedicated to providing a convenient place to find information, resources, and contacts relating to the community of Hacienda Heights, California.

    If you are new to our community, welcome-
    this website is for you.
  • County


    We rely on many Los Angeles County resources. Learn what those are, how they are assisting us, and how to connect with those resources.

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  • Community


    See what we as a community have done, are doing, and will do...
    Annual 4th of July Parade
    Sports Leauges
    Social Groups
    Service Groups
    Faith Groups
    ...Influencing change in our community
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  • History


    Find out a little about the people, places, and events that made our community what it is today.

    Also learn where to find more information.

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  • Communicate


    It's been called The three C's, Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate. It is key to getting anything done that involves more than one person. This page pulls together the many ways that we communicate about our community.
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  • Connection Publication

    Connection Publication

    The Hacienda Heights Connection Publication-
    Read it NOW :)

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All About Hacienda Heights

Hacienda Heights is located just under 19 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. Our neighboring cities are: Avocado Heights, City of Industry and La Puente- to the North; Whittier on the West; Whittier and La Habra- South; and Rowland Heights on the East. Data from our last census (2010) revealed that we are just over 54 thousand strong.

Because we are actively involved with preserving our precious hillsides, we have a limited level of hilltop housing. Some of us can look out to the valley, while others of us can look to the beautiful vistas. For exercise and visual pleasure, we have easy access to well kept hiking trails that meander the La Puente Hills. We are surrounded by many species of trees and some wildlife.

We are not fully developed, nor are we lost in search of identity, culture or belief. We have a history, we have a heritage, we have identity and we each are proud of our heritage. We are actively perusing our beliefs (or non-belief.) No one culture, belief system, or erected structure defines us. This is the U.S.A. and our community reflects this.

We are thankful to those who came before us for their contributions to this community that we call home, and we join those who are laboring today to maintain, build, and better our community.

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Manzanita Park Programs Sign-up Today!

Mommy & Me Tiny Tots After School (626) 336-6246

Be Prepared Stay Informed

TURN OFF SPRINLKERS Before, During & After Rain!

Please Share the Road with Pedestrians & Cyclists

Ride the Heights Hopper Shuttle

Now Serving Rowland & Hacienda Heights

Meals on Wheels Needs Volunteers!
(626) 333-4570

FREE MOVIES at Manzanita Park (562) 691-1624 Every Tuesday at dusk June 5th and 12th June 19th and 26th

Steinmetz Park Tiny Tykes Soccer Signup 8/3 - 9/15 Ages 3 to 6 Games start in October & 12/2: 6-9pm Must register online! (626) 333-3250 (626) 934-7041

Steinmetz Park
Health Fair & Concert Friday August 17th 6pm to 8pm All Welcome
(626) 934-7041